Lower Taxes:
With reducing taxes you will be able to keep more of your hard earn money where it belongs, IN YOUR POCKETS!!!
We must hold Cook County and Chicago responsible for their high property taxes by passing new taxation limits on residential homes.

Economic Development:
We believe in a working environment, a working commmunity makes for a thriving one. And most importantly constituent based owned business owners.

School Choice:
Our education vision for District 78 is; curriculum; equity, access and inclusivity; professional learning community; culture for learning; and community engagement.

Prison Transformation:
The future of prison reform; needs to be true reform. Meaning: mental health, inmates need to go through a thorough release program eighteen to twenty-four month before release. It will would include a job training program that would make them eligible for work immediately upon release.  Also, there would be a need for follow up with those individuals ongoing to make sure those brothers and sisters don’t turn. That will come with mentors.

Safer Streets:
A working community, makes for a safer community; kids in school and learning makes for safer streets.