Strong Communities – Safer Streets:

Block Clubs and Neighborhood Organizations It’s important that the neighborhoods where we raise our families are vibrant, safe and built on participation. Block Clubs, neighborhood watch groups and community organizers are the eyes and ears of the people. As long as I’m a part of this community, I will support opportunities for Austin, Oak Park and Leyden Townships to create a safe environment for a prosperous society.

Public Safety The localized nature of the villages of the 78th district creates an environment where there is familiarity between residents and law enforcement. Chicago, like much of the country, needs to work smart and hard to restore communication between the precincts and the community members. It’s important that the relationship between law enforcement and the people is built on communication and protecting the civil rights of every citizen.

Incorporating community relations must be prioritized in police academy training with an emphasis on positive and effective communication. This  practice will create more positive experiences for officers and the communities they serve.

Police resources need to be redirected from petty and victimless offenses, towards prioritizing keeping our streets safe by prevention of violent crimes and property crimes.

World-Class Education
Parent choice: Like most aspects of raising children, providing a first-rate education isn’t a one size fits all endeavor. Our state should ensure many types of educational experiences are available and receive adequate support. High-quality Neighborhood Schools, Charter Schools, Private Schools, Early Education, and HomeSchooling Networks, are all necessary to meet the diverse needs of our students and parents. Parent choice is all the more important in these challenging times of remote learning. Illinois must provide strong support and accountability for its schools and educators. With high-quality choices and parent involvement, Illinois students will be well-prepared for higher education, the workforce, and service to the community.

World-class higher education: Illinois must provide adequate funding and strong accountability for universities, small colleges, trade schools, and other forms of higher education. A diverse and well-educated workforce will revitalize our economy and provide a strong job market.

Economic Development:

Housing Homeownership should be a fruitful investment, not a burden. Yet, we too frequently see families struggle with covering the cost of some of the highest property tax rates in the country and minimal low income housing options, which has led to many residents drowning in debt and triggering an Illinois Exodus. No one should struggle with keeping their own home. This is at the root of the financial insecurity among Illinoisians.

Public Services and Fiscal Planning Indebting current and future generations will cause our best and brightest to flee across our state’s borders or dig many deeper into our state’s economic hole. Illinois must get its fiscal house in order. We need a plan to ensure the fiscal stability of our state by adopting responsible financial practices by building accountability for taxpayer spending with programs that do not burden our residents, but instead reinvest in them. Let’s keep local tax dollars out of the hands of Springfield, and instead keep them in the communities. I will fight to assure the Townships and Villages maintain control over their communities’ public agencies. The City’s wards can also incorporate community centric public services and programs, like those that stretch across townships. It is time for more residents to have a seat at the table. It’s unfair for Springfield to approve unbalanced budgets that cater to special interests and Illinois residents can never afford.

Secure Pensions The current defined pension agreements are putting the retirement of public workers at risk. We need to protect the financial security of our public servants. We owe it to every past and current public employee to keep our promises. They will keep their defined benefit pensions. New employees will receive sustainable and competitive options such as an IRA and 401(k)

Promoting Local Businesses and Jobs In Illinois, added hoops, heightened costs of living, and high barriers of entry prevent the viability of existing and new constituent owned businesses. Our state’s homegrown brands, our neighborhoods’ mom and pop stores and food carts are the soul of our communities and the best source for good jobs for our state. Under the right conditions, businesses, entrepreneurs, and families can thrive and create opportunities and choices for everyone to gain professional and work experience. Let’s create a great environment for successful Illinois businesses and professionals.

Tax Reform:
With reducing taxes you will be able to keep more of your hard earn money where it belongs, IN YOUR POCKETS!!!
We must hold Cook County and Chicago responsible for their high property taxes by passing new taxation limits on residential homes.

Economic Development:
We believe in a working environment, a working commmunity makes for a thriving one. And most importantly constituent based owned business owners.

Parental Choice:
Our education vision for District 78 is; curriculum; equity, access and inclusivity; professional learning community; culture for learning; and community engagement.

Prison Transformation:
The future of prison reform; needs to be true reform. Meaning: mental health, inmates need to go through a thorough release program eighteen to twenty-four month before release. It will would include a job training program that would make them eligible for work immediately upon release.  Also, there would be a need for follow up with those individuals ongoing to make sure those brothers and sisters don’t turn. That will come with mentors.

Safer Streets:
A working community, makes for a safer community; kids in school and learning makes for safer streets.