Joshua Flynn is a dedicated, experienced, and energetic champion of the underserved in his community. For over a decade, he has established himself as an organizer, activist, and business owner who has created opportunities and made impactful differences in the lives of others.

Josh is now running for the office of State Representative, in the 78th district of Illinois, with a mission to meet the needs of his community. The 78th District is a home to over 108,000 residents, and includes the West Side of Chicago, the communities of Leyden, Oak Park and Proviso townships, and the villages of Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Oak Park and River Grove.

Josh is from outside the political establishment and outside the two-party system. He can help restore independence, accountability, and integrity to our government. At every level, he will work to be a voice for transparency in our government. He has libertarian leanings and is running on a platform of lower taxes, better jobs, better education, and safer streets.

Josh is financially conservative and socially liberal. He believes in personal responsibility and limited government because he believes in the ability of the people in his district to be successful in their jobs and careers. He believes less government regulation and lower taxes mean more opportunities for new businesses and new jobs.

Josh has seen the disparities within his community and he has made it his mission to educate and engage citizens to achieve more financial security and opportunity. Guided by his success as an Insurance professional, he has used his experience to help countless people within his community through seminars, mentorship and access to resources. His leadership has paved the path for the prosperity of families for generations to come.

As an Austin native, Josh has been invested in the advancement of his community since he was a young boy. He was raised by parents who were both active community leaders; his mother is a local business and real estate owner, and his father is a local pastor, Austin community organizer, NAC (Northwest Austin Council) Board Member, CAPS member and United Front Organization member. It was from this tight-knit and deeply involved family that Flynn’s desire to help his community was forged.

At an early age, Josh became involved in the Junior Craft Mason organization, and was also part of the 25th Police District Explorer’s program. Flynn now works with several organizations in the Austin community and beyond – he is Co-Director and Community Organizer for the Northwest Austin Council, Facilitator.

Josh has for years shown his dedication towards helping his community. He now asks for your support to help him continue to do just that in Springfield. Please donate today to keep our campaign going and make sure to volunteer!